New in Longitude V11.0


Longitude V11

Longitude and Kibana integration

New in Longitude V11.0 is integration with open-source Elastic Stack. 

Elastic Stack components include:

  • Elasticsearch - a NoSQL database

  • Kibana - a web interface that delivers a rich set of searching and visualization capabilities

Longitude V11.0 ships with a set of pre-configured Kibana dashboards that allow users to readily visualize IT infrastructure and application performance data collected by Longitude.

Kibana Dashboard Longitude Server Data

This is one of many Longitude dashboards - this example is displaying key performance and availability metrics for a specific server - showing both historical and near real-time performance

New WebHook Action

The implementation of the WebHook action in Longitude V11.0 extends Longitude's reach by allowing it to communicate critical information to virtually any web service. Using WebHooks, user can send real-time notifications of IT Infrastructure and Application Health problems. Users can also enrich event detail to include any additional information that they feel pertinent to the problem (i.e. instructions to mitigate an issue).

  • The WebHook action performs an HTTP POST to a specified web service when Longitude detects a problem.

  • Because problem detail is immediately posted to the web service, there is no latency between detection and notification.

Longitude constantly collects and analyzes availability and performance metrics. When Longitude detects problems it generates events and alerts that contain relevant detail about the nature and severity of the issues. Making this information available via WebHooks to other applications allows users to further leverage the valuable insights provided by Longitude.

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